Sunday, January 25, 2015

Alexander McQueen Fall collection 2015

So today we'll talk about Alexander McQueen Fall collection 2015.

I was looking for 2015 collections and I found this one which I am absolutely in love with.


This collection has everything I want.First of all,is based on black , and you already know how much I love wearing this color.Secondly,leather is one of the best parts.The first two coats can definitely be a part of your everyday look , but they can make your look formal , so you can use them in every occasion.

I don't have much to say about this collection.It's just perfection!


Find the complete collection here.

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kisses xx


We all have a whishlist.So,this is mine.

Hope you'll enjoy it!

 (Left  and right)

( Jacket , Dress , heels , boots )

( Green Skirt , Neckless , ring. bracelet , shorts )

                                 ( Disco Pants, Dress, Left Boot, Right Boot )


Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Music I loved | January #15

January is almost over and if you know me in person,you already know that I love music.And if you don't,it's time for you to know it.Music is the biggest part of my life,so I decided to make a blog post about my favourite music albums/songs of this month.I don't know if I'll be able to make this every single month,but at least I'll try to.

Let's get started.

1.Paramore - Paramore : Self Titled Deluxe

So,this is the album I was listening the most this month(and not only this month,actually).Paramore is one of my favourite bands,even though I'm a metal listener,this band!Their live performances are the best I've ever seen from a band.I wish I'll be able to see them live one day,cause it's really worth it.Their previous albums used to have a most punk/rock sound , but this album is closer to pop/rock.I truly recommend you to buy this,or at least listen to this.I can't even find my favourite track in this album cause I love them all.

You can listen to this here.

2.Huntress - Spell Eater

Let's go to the metal part.Since I was a little girl I was listening to metal,I think basically because of my brother.Now that I'm older,I still love this kind of music,even though it's not the only kind of music that I like.This album,it's just perfect.They are more like a thrash/heavy metal band.The surprising part is that they have a frond-woman.Her vocals are just so fucking perfect.I can listen to this album for hours without getting bored.And if you ask me which is the track I loved the most , I have to say that Snow Witch is my absolute favourite!

You can find Huntress here.

3.Lacuna Coil - Broken Crown Halo

Yeah,you'll say that I'm a little bit a late.But it's not true,I just need lot of time to admit that I like an album.Lacuna Coil made their magic once again.After 6 really beautiful albums they released this one.I can't stop listening to "I forgive (but I won't forget your name) " They started as an gothic metal band , but they turned in an alternative metal band (which i personally prefer ) . Even if someone is not really into metal life,Lacuna Coil is a really good band and they don't have that "hard" sound that many people don't like.

You can find it here.

4.Epica - The Quantum Enigma

When I'm listening to this album I'm about to die.First of all,let's talk about the music.Come on guys!This is the best music I've ever heard.EVER,I absolutely love Simone's voice, The lyrics of all the songs , are beautiful , every single song travels me to another world.No,I mean it.It sounds like crazy but this is what happens to me.I'm listening to Epica for a really long time but this album just gave me everything I wanted from a music album.Some people say their sound never changes and their songs are always the same,This is kind of true , but this sound is beautiful.That's how we love them.Aaaah,pure masterpiece.

You can listen to it here.

So that was today's post,thank you so much for reading this.I really hope you liked it.If you have any ideas about what my next post you would like to be.don't forget to wright it in the comments.





Dress :  here and here

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Why I started blogging.

*Photos and words : Chrysa Demigod *
Do what you love,no matter what.This is a part of my story on how I started blogging.


When I was a little girl,I remember that I always wanted to play with clothes and makeup.I kind of destroyed every single one lipstick that my mom had , when I was trying to wear them on.But this,was only the beginning.
In 2008 I started watching youtube videos.It was the time I was listening a lot to Avril Lavigne , and I had this alternative style that everyone was like "oh my god what is she wearing".I remember that my favourite youtuber was PunkChyaz.I wanted so bad to start a channel and make make up tutorials and all these stuff.But I knew that this was too difficult for me.I was afraid of what my friends are about to say.

The years passed and I still wanted to make a youtube channel.But I never had the courage to face my friends and tell them how I feel.In 2013 I said to my self : "Get over it . It's something that you love.Start a blog,you can do this."

The idea of the blog actually started when I found out about lookbook.I knew about Le-Happy and her blog but I was not aware of lookbook.So my friend send me a link and told me : "Hey,look at this top she's wearing,I love it." and then I was surprised.I really wanted to make a lookbook.I convinced my self that I am the only one who's about to know it and my friends don't even know that this site exists.I was hoping that no one will find out and I made an account.

My first photos are really embarrassing,I think I don't even have them in my computer anymore!But at least I started what I really wanted.I never had a lot of fans , or a lot of clothes. And still I don't . But I do what I love.It's something that makes me happy,a lot.

Maybe one day I'll be successful.Maybe not.I will do it even if I'll never get money from it.I'm not an expert in fashion or beauty,I just show you my personal style,my inspirations,my life and many other things.

I was bullied about it,but this is what made me to be better and understand who my real friends are.I won't stop it till I want to.I hope one day will be my full time job,but ever if it does not it's OK.

I just wanna say..Follow your heart.If you want to start a blog or a youtube channel,do it.Even if you won't have one million subscribers or followers.Do it because you love it.And if your friends judge you about it,they are not real friends.If they bully you for it,they are definitely stupid and it does not worth it to give them you friendship.Because real friends do understand.

See you soon,
Chrysa xo.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Inspiration #1

Hayley Williams is definitely one of the best fashion inspiring vocalists in the music industry right now.Her style is unique and she gives us always something colorful an different.I love her style and she is my biggest inspiration.Today I'm gonna talk to you about her style , and give you some advice on how to get it.But a ball of fiery prettiness she is, despite some unusual fashion and beauty choices. So do we want to know all her secrets? Hell to the yeah!

 Hayley's style has been transformed into something really different since 2004.When she started with Paramore,she had that rock/punk style and the red hair we all know and love.Now she is more like alternative , she plays with colours a lot, although she really likes wearing black , too.

Here you can find some of her clothes.I hope I helped!

SHOP: Latex Leggings , Unif Daria Boots ,  Trench High Boots ,  Cherry Doc Martens ,  Bad Sport 2piece ,  Glitterati Crop Top ,  Denim Bustier ,  Moto black ripped jeans ,  Midi Bodycon Dress , Velvet top ,  Disco Pants ,  Leather Dress ,  Denim Vest ,  Crop top ,  Bardor crop top ,  TIEDYE crop top.


Monday, January 12, 2015

Misguided Ghost.

Hello guys :)

So today we have another fashion post.I found this coat in my mom's closet and I'm so in love with this.Basically I don't wear white/cream colours , because I don't like them that much , but this coat is just talking to me.I hope you liked this.

See you soon

Outfit details:
Crop top: Bershka (find it here & here )
Pants : H&M (find it here and here )
Coat : Vintage (similar here , here and here )
Boots : Local shop (similar here and here )